My wife Heidi and I welcome you to the CAT2FOLD and MULTIHULLS WEST homepage. We're a family that loves to sail but never seems to have enough time for our first love, fast multi-hull sailing. As much as we would like to sever our landlines and go cruising for a year or two, it just isn't possible right now. We are, however, able to get away for a couple/few weeks here and there and so have taken to trailer boating. We've owned both a F-27 and an F-31 and liked them but wanted more room. So a few years ago, I had an idea for a revolutionary boat. A safe, fast catamaran large enough to be comfortable for a few weeks or a month at a time and yet could be trailer-ed without any special permits. Thus over the past three years, CAT2FOLD was born. 36' with a 24' beam, she folds to 8'6". We had her built in New Zealand but since March of 2005 she has been here at our home in Camarillo, California (just a short 10 minute ride to the Pacific Ocean) She trailers like a dream. Our dream.

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If you've always wanted to sail in distant waters but don't have the time, take a closer look at our dream boat, CAT2FOLD. She can be trailer-ed anywhere or put in a shipping container for getting to REALLY distant waters. She is truly a dream come true. If you have a little time, take an in-depth look at our website. This is our story from the beginning. Thanks for joining us!


10/09/2009:  Cat2Fold sale
Cat2fold news.

Sep 2011
Cat2fold news.

Cat2fold our 36’ Catamaran was sold and is having a good time in Idaho,
It was sad to see her go but we are happy to see someone giving her regular exercise.

Cat2fold was a little too much for us to handle in a safe manner due to some limitations that come with age.

We have not continued to update our News Letter since there was no “good” news to report.

We are not going to build a production line for Cat2Fold, but we are currently offering our services as advisors for builders that are looking to have a folding Catamaran.

We are currently working on a “new” folding Catamaran that will be easier for us to handle and hopefully will be a boat we will be able to handle for many more years. This Catamaran will be a Power Cat with Aux sail. [ unlike the Sail with Aux Power]

If there is a need to contact us we can be reached at our personal e mail address
Cat2fold@hotmail.com make sure the subject will say ” Cat2fold information” or it goes to “junk” .

Heidi and Rafi Francke

Cell 310 293 7172

Heidi and Rafi Francke

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