My wife Heidi and I are simply two people who enjoy (maybe a little more than enjoy. . . how about are passionate about?) sailing very fast on multi-hull boats. Over the years we’ve owned and sailed a variety of tri-marans including a 19’ Tramp (foldable), an F-27 (foldable) and an F-31 also foldable. We briefly owned a 36’ Erickson but we sold it because we are addicted to speed. We currently sail a custom 43’ cat out of Marina del Rey in Southern California. But we love Baja and all those tiny pristine little bays. And we’ve always wanted to gunk-hole explore the Keys and the Bahamas. We’ve come to love the versatility of trailering but don’t want to give up the space and ride of our big cat. So I’ve designed and we are nearing completion on our new 36’ catamaran that folds to 8’6” trailering width while in the water. It will set up and take down in a matter of minutes allowing Heidi and me to trailer off to our next adventure. We think many of you may have had this same dream and so here’s our story and our new dreamboat, CAT-TRAILS.
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